Yuni Lartile

Yuni Lartile, a Cuban born artist and designer of his own brand.

In 2007, at the age of 24 years, upon his arrival in Italy when his professional life started.

All began with an incursion in the world of art by the hand of Elena Tommasi Ferroni, a brilliant painter who triggered his creativity in painting and design during the two years he was frequenting her workshop located in the heart of Rome.

His constant curiosity as an artist is what brings him to experience new challenges, it is in fashion field where he finds his personal satisfaction, by displaying all his skills as a jewellery fashion designer.

Thanks to the study of the materials and the various techniques of elaboration, from his hands are born jewelries of absolute beauty with a particular attention to details and terminations.

His enthusiasm for leathers is present in all his creations, experimenting with textures and chromatic variety of this noble material, he creates contemporary jewelery reflecting the emotionality and creativity of the artist.

Today, Paris is his place of residence, the fashion city by excellence and convergence point for artists.